How can i join in VR?

For joining our events in VR you need a Windows PC with a dedicated graphics card and a PC-VR-Headset. You also have to install the Sansar client. The system requirements can be found here.

You can download Sansar here.

Do I need a VR headset to join? Can i use a Mac or my smartphone?

No! You can also experience the virtual Bootshaus without a VR headset. If you have a Windows PC or Laptop with a dedicated graphicscard just download the Sansar client.

If you don't have a Windows PC you can watch a livestream of the event (e.g. on Twitch) in any webbrowser (e.g. on Mac). You will find links to the livestreams in the specific event listing on this website.

For mobile users: There is a Sansar app available to download for Android and iOS. You will be able to choose from different camera angles while watching the event via the app.

Is it free?

Our first event, elrow Kaos Garden, will be free on all platforms. This includes VR, PC, Livestreams and the Sansar App.

There will be a small fee for entering the future events using PC/VR.
The livestreams and Sansar app will still be free to use.

When joining on PC/VR, do i see other people?

Sansar is a fully fledged social experience, so the answer is yes. You can chat and talk to other people via text chat or voice chat. Everybody can create his/her own avatar and will be represented by this avatar in the game world – just as you know it from regular video games.

What are the upcoming events?

You can find the upcoming events here.

How do i join on PC/VR?

  1. Download Sansar from here.
  2. Create an account.
  3. Customize your avatar.
  4. Explore the different worlds, start practicing your moves and get new stuff for your avatar.
  5. Soon we'll give you the link to get into our virtual Bootshaus venue.